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What We Do

Every year the Vanderbilt Presbyterian Endowment Trust provides 5% of its value to the Church and its ministerial priorities. The Session distributes the funds through requests from the Session which support and fund its priorities and to support the Ministry Teams according to their requested needs.   

The following Funds have been developed to enhance, advance and minister to the Vanderbilt Presbyterian Church congregation and beyond:

  • General Fund – The General Fund provides income annually to the Church.  The Ministry Teams, through the Session allocate the monies based on needs of the church. 
  • Birthday Club – The Birthday Club fund supports our Youth and Education ministries.
  • James Craig Lecture Fund – James Craig’s Estate established this fund to provide for speakers who provide ministry through lectures for our Congregation.
  • Cindy Craig Education Fund – Cindy Craig’s Estate established this fund to support education and scholarships. 
  • Fors Habitat Fund – The Fors Habitat Fund was created by the Fors family to support the efforts of Vanderbilt Presbyterian Church’s Habitat for Humanity which provides homes for those in need in our community.
  • Music and Scholarship Fund – This fund was established to support the renowned music ministry of Vanderbilt Presbyterian Church.