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Vanderbilt Presbyterian Church Endowment Trust

Building a Lasting Legacy of Faith

The Vanderbilt Presbyterian Church Endowment Trust is a separate fund established to provide funds outside the annual operating budget and annual Stewardship campaigns to further advance the ministry of our Church. Funds are managed by the New Covenant Trust Company, a division of the Presbyterian Foundation.

Vanderbilt Presbyterian Church encourages its members to think not only about annual support of the church through Stewardship, but also how each of us can help maintain the church’s ministry in the long term.  We encourage you to prayerfully consider giving options, including cash, securities, real estate and other personal property, bequests through wills, life insurance policies, and charitable trusts which establishes a legacy of the love for Christ and commitment to Him forever.


At Vanderbilt, we enjoy worship filled with Word and music that transform and energize and send us forth eager to serve. We have an outstanding music program that enriches our worship and is recognized in the larger community for the quality of the concerts it offers and sponsors. Your endowment gift could expand our music program for young people, could be used to maintain the church’s organ and other musical instruments, or could be used to underwrite the addition of contemporary worship service to attract new members.


Vanderbilt strives to provide a church home where young lives are nourished in the Christian faith, grounded in knowledge and understanding of the Bible, and molded by exposure to Christian values. Your endowment gift could help develop tomorrow’s church leaders by providing pre-school scholarships, by covering tuition to camp and youth conferences, or by establishing college and seminary scholarships for our young people.


When we serve we are following Christ’s call to minister to “the least of these,” and we are transforming lives-ours, as well as the lives of those we seek to serve. Your endowment gift could help establish an elderly day care program, could create a food pantry at Vanderbilt, or could give members of our congregation the opportunity to share their Christian faith face-to-face with people in this country and around the world by funding adult and youth Mission trips.


We hunger for a closer relationship with God and so we come together to study and learn and to grow spiritually. We recognize that Christian development is an ongoing and life-long process. Your endowment gift could grant Vanderbilt access to noted speakers and preachers, could send our church leaders to training conferences, or could support additional Christian Education programs to serve children and adults.


We believe that church space should be well used, and Vanderbilt Presbyterian is alive with activity.  Our facilities are available to the congregation and the wider community for worship, study, and fellowship. Your endowment gift could address the enhancement and care of God’s house by providing needed building improvements, the addition of new technology to enhance worship, or by supporting property beautification.